Human Dynamics LLC  is a  pacific northwest company providing business consulting and training services to public, private and nonprofit companies and associations.  We  focus on developing  the human skills and awareness needed by successful people and their organizations in today’s complex business environment. Please contact us to bring a seminar, presentation or facilitated session to your company, organization or conference

The Human Dynamics Blog was created by company founder, Charlene Phipps. as a way to share and exchange ideas, information, research and practices to stimulate positive and productive  human dynamics in the workplace.

Professional Bio for Charlene J. Phipps, M.S.

For the past two decades Charlene has facilitated individuals and organizations in developing the strategies and skills to achieve their vision and goals.  Her specialties are developing successful human skills, facilitating change and building effective work groups and teams.

In prior work she guided successful large scale mergers and whole systems change projects. Charlene also taught courses in public management and interpersonal communication at the University of Oregon, where she earned her M.S. degree in Public Affairs with a concentration in organizational development. She  enjoyed her past work as an executive coach and  trainer with the Columbia Leadership and as an educator and director of educational and human service programs and organizations.

In addition to consulting and training, Charlene has created several organizational learning and human development models, including the InSync  survey and learning tools for improving work connections with team mates, customers and colleagues.  She is a frequent conference and association presenter on topics related to workplace dynamics, leadership and  interpersonal communication.

Contact: 541.822.9816

Select Testimonials  

  • Charlene’s consultation was responsive to our needs and has gone a long way in improving the functioning of our management team…we have found her assistance to be invaluable. She connects well with people, took the time to really understand our organization, and provided excellent and timely information and support. I recommend her most highly. Al Levine, Manager, Lane County Behavioral Health.
  • Charlene Phipps has been part of our agency’s evolution over the past decade as we grew from a staff of 43 to 175. Her knowledge and compassion have been invaluable and her imprint on the values and culture of our agency will remain for years to come. Kim Miller, Founder, Options for Southern Oregon, Mental Health and Housing Services
  • I have attended much training over the years but the program developed by Charlene Phipps was definitely a deeper dive into interpersonal relationships and self-awareness. Really connecting with our patients is a huge part of the healing process and these skills definitely improved my ability to accomplish our mission more fully. Project manager, Customer Care Program, Peace Harbor Hospital
  • After participating in the Team Building Tools for Supervisors workshop facilitated by Charlene Phipps, I realized that team building is not only fun but necessary component for helping my team achieve their unique potential. I now see team building less as an occasional isolated activity and more as an essential ingredient for the day-to-day health and functioning of our unit.” Jefferey Piacitelli, Clinical Manager 
  • As a result of our work with Charlene we have a more closely-knit executive team, more open communication, and I’ve been told by our team members that my leadership skills have improved leaps and bounds.” Valerie Plummer, Development Director, Community Vision
  • When we implemented the Relationship Style Survey, magic, relief and laughter happened among team members. Following up with the Dynamic Teams assessment we became aware of gaps and strengths within our teams and gained knowledge for how to grow. Charlene is gentle and diligent in her approach. She really cares and keeps us updated with the latest and greatest management information. She has been an inspiration to staff and supervisors alike.. Amara Thelen, Program Manager for Case Management, Options for Southern Oregon. 



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