RELATE! Mastery level skills for professional relationships and communication

Two Businessmen TalkingMore than ever, people need the human skills to share and use information, knowledge and ideas for their inter-connected work, and that  requires stellar communication and relationship skills.  This is our foundation  seminar for human dynamics in the workplace. It incorporates current research on best practices, self awareness tools and skills practice for developing authentic relationships with colleagues, customers and clients.

Essential  human skills covered in the seminar include focusing on and understanding others, managing your own responses when you feel challenged, communicating fully so that others understand you, and navigating social dynamics in organizations and communities.

We also explore the neuroscience of human relationships: understanding  our natural human instincts for being social creatures and how our brains function to help us create trust and resonance with others. Prior to the seminar, participants will use an online self awareness tool to explore their relationship style and set individualized learning goals.

Full Seminar:  2 days.   Intensive skills practice and coaching. Mastery level.

Presentations: 1 – 3 hours. Great  for introduction of concepts at conferences, retreats, short workshops, etc.

DYNAMIC LEADERSHIP SEMINAR: Do you know why people follow you?

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Leadership is dynamic–it always involves relating with people in ever changing circumstances. In this interactive and energizing seminar you have the unique opportunity to learn what it is about your leadership that motivates others to follow you.

Through guided activities, coaching and self awareness tools, you’ll come to understand and gain confidence in your leadership strengths and explore how to become even stronger. A special and powerful aspect of the seminar is engaging with other leaders like yourself in a safe and enriching environment for learning from one another and the seminar leaders.

This seminar is a great choice for executives, managers. supervisors and others in leadership roles who would prefer an individualized and intensive leadership development experience. Follow up coaching with the seminar leader is also available.

Full Seminar: 3 days of guided activities, coaching and individualized skills practice in a retreat setting.

Presentations: 1 to 4  hours. Great for brief on-site workshops, conference presentations, lunch meetings, etc. Can be tailored to your goals.

STYLES AT WORK: transform differences into opportunities

AYP0813160 (2)Do you ever wonder why communication and professional relationships can sometimes be difficult,  but other times flow so easily?  We all have different life experiences, cultural heritages and  circumstances, which can result in very different ways of communicating and relating with one another. This  seminar will help you make sense of communication differences and give you strategies for reaching out and relating effectively with others, even when they are very different than you.  Take-aways are:

  • Understanding style differences that make communication difficult at work.
  • Learning six relationship style differences that matter
  • Becoming aware of the potential strengths and challenges of your own style
  • Using tools for creating great communication and relationships
  • Learning how to read others’ styles and reach out to them in a way that will promote communication and  trust

Full Seminar:  1 day.   Intensive skills practice and coaching.  

Presentations: 1 – 4 hours for interactive learning at conferences, retreats, short workshops, etc.  Excellent for front line staff.



Click HERE  to contact seminar leader, Charlene Phipps for dates, costs and other logistics.

Our most popular seminars are described above.  Other frequent presentations and workshops include:

  • Teams Built for Change: Four questions every team needs to answer to thrive in today’s complex business environment
  • Trainers Workshop: Passing on the skills and methods for teaching effective human dynamics in the workplace
  • TRUST! The magic ingredient for workplace communication and collaboration
  • Employee Engagement on the Fly: Integrate effective employee engagement and motivational connections into your daily routines such as meetings, hallway conversations and even emails

Don’t hesitate to contact me. I would enjoy talking with you!  Seminars and presentations can be tailored to your training needs, including length, depth of content and learning activities.

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