How does a facilitator cultivate trust?

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Picture this: You’ve just been notified that you’ll be facilitating a multi-disciplinary team in implementing a new initiative. You schedule the first meeting and prepare an agenda, feeling confident that you’ll run this meeting like any other. You start the meeting with an ice breaker, launch into introductions, and get right to work on meeting logistics, sharing your draft of … Read More

Vanessa MousavizadehHow does a facilitator cultivate trust?

Good Human Dynamics: Good for Business

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I recently attended a project meeting in which a senior level manager popped in unannounced to complain that a process change she initiated hadn’t been implemented by the team.  She scolded people for “dragging their feet,” and when team members asked questions about the implementation plan she responded that she had already explained it and therefore had “no compassion for … Read More

Charlene PhippsGood Human Dynamics: Good for Business